Inflammation Cellular Sociology

Representative : Kouji Matsushima, MD, PhD
(Professor, Division of Molecular Regulation of Inflammatory and Immune Diseases, Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Tokyo University of Science)

A paradigm shift from reactive to preventive health care

To ensure the sustainability of our rapidly aging society, it is crucial that we establish healthcare systems that firstly prevent chronic inflammatory conditions such as fibrosis, cancer and lifestyle diseases, and secondly, that allow early diagnosis and intervention when these diseases do occur. Conventionally, the focus of preventive medicine was to identify risk factors based on epidemiology, biochemistry and cell biology, and then to try and reduce the health risk. This approach identified many external environmental risk factors such as those in the natural environment, social environment, and workplace as well as internal risk factors, including those dependent on lifestyle habits. In some cases, this approach resulted in cures for disease.

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